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Aug 20, 2013 2:30pm PDT
to both the u.s. national security agency, or the nsa, and its british gchq.part, rg c h q -- the man who leaped thousands of documents to the guardian newspaper, edward snowden, is now in russia. controversially used counter-terrorism powers to stop a man for nine hours, also is seeking his computers and electronics. today after increasing pressure, the government for their silence. the home secretary saying she was told in advance, but that the decision was made by police, not her. >> i think is right, given that is the first duty of the government to protect the public. someone with highly sensitive gosselin information that could help terrorists and lead to a loss of lives, then it is right that the police act. >> downing street also said it had been kept informed about david miranda's detention. what the authorities wanted to know is whether, since his travel was paid by the guardian, and he has carried information in that past, he was in possession of some of edward seldin's classified documents. those documents reveal the number of previously secret intelligence programs, including
Aug 21, 2013 5:30pm EDT
revelations today about how much internet traffic the n-s-a is actually tracking... just ahead. residents... to the houston area.../ but ...they'll split... their time... between texas... and space. here... are... nasa's... 8- new astronauts.... / with... the shuttle program retired... no one... really knows... where... space exploration is headed... / but... they'll... begin two year's of training... that includes to the.. international space station.../ which they'll... reach... aboard russian soyuz rockets... / the new astraoauts... spent... much of the presentation... answering all sorts of questions. 111-126 "really the minimum criteria are that you have a bach degree in a hard science and then 3 years of exp beyond that. 25:50 we don't need to run a mile in less than 6 minutes or anything like that but of course there are strict criteria in terms of overall good health." 51-100 bolden says: "they all know they'll get an opportunity to fly on station. some of them will prob get an opportunity to participate an asteroid mission. they definitely will form the plans that will take us on
Aug 1, 2013 2:30pm PDT
nsa contractor, edward snowden, has granted a years asylum in russia. this has strained relations between moscow and russia. president obama is under pressure to retaliate. an upcoming summit is in question. >> this was the moment this afternoon when edward snowden wearing a black rucksack with his back to the camera climbed into a car and disappeared into russia, the biggest country in the world. he had been stuck in limbo in the transit zone of the airport. he insisted he would not go to america to face trial. me aht, his lawyer showed copy of the document that grants him polit asylum in russia for at least a year. he said that he is in a hotel but he would not say where. >> the question of his security is obviously very important. a great powers trying to catch him. the name of the power is the united states of america. >> edward snowden himself said over the past eight weeks, we have seen the obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law but in the end, the law is winning. this evening, however, russia's longest serving dissident pondered whether he kn
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)